We went to visit Aunty

  Who lives in Timbuktu

But we took the train to Dover –

    Oh now what must we do?


So we made a big decision -

     Perhaps you’ll find it strange –

And decided that the thing to do

      Was everyone:  ‘ALL CHANGE!


We went to visit Grandma

   Who lived beside the sea,

But we took the train to London

    And my brother said to me:


'We must hire a witch’s broomstick,' –

     Perhaps you’ll find it strange –

So we left the train at London

     When Frankie said: ‘ALL CHANGE!’


We went to visit your school

    But got on the wrong bus.

The driver said: ‘My goodness!

    You’re making such a fuss.’


Oh, we’ve missed our school appointment,

    So a new day we’ll arrange.

So your teacher’s made another date

      And clearly wrote: ‘ALL CHANGE!’  


Copyright on all my poems 


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