By Josie Whitehead



Snapping, sparkling, spluttering

spitting, sparking



Flames, flashing, flickering, frantically, fires


Fires, food for



proud, presumption



Burns brightly




bonfires, blazing, hissing, dancing,

flames, horses, prancing



Roaring, curling, swirling, whirling



snapping, crackling, (a)

spluttering, muttering (u)

dancing, prancing (a)


curling, swirling, whirling (ur)


consumption, presumption (um)


light, tonight (i)

I think I managed to get them all, but if I have missed any, you can always write to let me know.


Now go to my poem: Riddeling Siddeling:


You can see that this is an excellent example for doing a similar exercise:
















Another excellent example of alliteration, consonance and assonance is "Halloween Secrets"   To get spookiness into your poem, try the letter "s". Why, even spookiness has the sound at the beginning and the end, and look at "shadows", "spirits".  When I had just written this poem, I visited the children in Westville House School, Ilkley.  When the demons, witches and skeletons are dancing in verse 4.  They are definitely swirling and whirling, but the class counted the fact that I had put 18 "s's" into this verse, to both show the spookiness of the dancing and also to bring in movement, as with my poem "Fire".  So, if you want "movement" in your poetry, remember the lovely letter "s" and also  use it for halloween poems for spookiness.













So, after all this help, I hope that when you are reading poetry, or writing it yourself, you will notice the importance of alliteration, consonance and assonance and how it brings to life poetry and lifts it higher than ordinary prose, added to rhyming and metre of course!



Riddeling Siddeling - - - Look at the name itself.


So what sort of man is he?


Rumbling, mumbling, bossy and bumbling;

Shouting, spouting, grimacing, grumbling

    Fiddeling, diddling, po-faced and middling

    This is the character of Riddeling Siddeling.


But you will get a lot lot more from the following two verses, so write out your three columns and get working on them.

With mystical movements they sway;

In the soft swirling mist they display

     Silvery shadows and shapes

     Such a strange scene this makes

As they waltz through the night until day.


                   etc  etc . . . . .

So, how did you do?

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