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The tall horse chestnut by the lake

    Sighed in the summer’s sun:

'My leaves are changing colour

    And I’ll lose them every one.'


The beech tree, shivering, had to say:

     'Oh, how this wind blows cool!!

My leaves will soon be floating

    On the ripples of this pool.'


'The winter wind will blow on us,

    Then naked we will be,

And snow will clothe our branches,'

    Sighed the giant old oak tree.


Said the maple tree, with colours bright:

    'Come, enjoy this lovely day”

And, 'Surely, decked in red and gold

    I make the best display.'


The sycamore agreeing said: –

     'Tonight we’ll get some rain,

But remember, when the spring arrives,

    We’ll be clothed in green again.'



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