Funny Poems

I wish I could be like a big bumble bee

    And I could buzz all the day and the night.

I’d like to buzz up to that lazy tom cat

    And then I would give him a fright.


I wish I could be like a bird in the sky

    And look down at the world from above.

Then to sit on the top of the roof of your house

    Is something I think I would love.


I wish I could be like a lofty giraffe,

    Who could reach to the top of a tree,

But now that I think of it, such a long neck,

    Is something that isn’t quite me.


I wish I could be like a whale in the sea

    And I’d glide round the world with such ease.

Oh don’t tell a witch that I’m wishing to change

    For she could turn me into some cheese.


Copyright on my poems

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