Bubbles, without words - Fhiona Galloway

By Josie Whitehead

Bubbles in my soapy bath

    And bubbles on my nose.

Bubbles floating in the air

    And bubbles on my toes.


Bubbles floating round my head

    And also on the floor.

Bubbles blowing in the air

    And through the open door.


Bubbles floating down the stairs

    And in the living room.

They float into the kitchen now

    Where one lands on a broom.


Then through the open kitchen door

    And to the world outside,

Glinting in the bright sunlight

    And floating on with pride.


Bubbles on the rose bush means

      The end of having fun,

But they enjoyed their little time

    Of floating in the sun.



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Thank you Fhiona for your lovely illustration.   The children will love it, and so do I.


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