Send me a dream of a world without war

Where man won’t treat others with hate any more;

    Where folk are respected as they ought to be,

    And let this change happen, starting with me.


Give me vision to see the things which are wrong;

A heart that will keep my good motives strong;

    And the hope that the bad things that daily I see

    Can be changed in this world, starting with me.


Let the change start right now as I look all around

With eyes that look outward not down on the ground.

    Let’s all make the change for I think you’ll agree

    The love in this world starts with you and with me.


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This poem covers the theme for National Poetry Day 2018: CHANGE  Think what YOU can do, as a start, to make a CHANGE for peace or for happiness in our world - starting today.  It may only be one small thing, ie: saying thank you to your mother for a nice meal, or to your teacher for her good lesson - or perhaps to me for writing this poem for you.  I'm always happy to visit your school not only for National Poetry Day but on any day and I'd love you to perform this poem for me and perhaps get it filmed and I'll link to you performing.  Thank you.  Josie

Change Starts With Me - Heading