Our Language Funny Poems

“Chop-chop,” said Mum, “We’ll be ever so late.”

“Chop-chop” said Dad.  “Well we don’t want to wait.”

    “Chop-chop,” I said.  “I’m hungry you know!”

     And “chop-chop” is said to those who are slow.


“Chop-chop,” said Charlie:  “They’re waiting for us!”

“Chop-chop,” said Matthew, “or we’ll miss the school bus.”

     So it’s chop-chop to you and a chop-chop to me:

     My kettle is boiling and they’re waiting for tea!!!



Copyright on all my poems

From:  Oxford Dictionaries (Language Matters):  adverb  &  exclamation:  mid 19th century: pidgin English, based on Chinese dialect kuaì-kuaì.


Quickly; quick:

‘‘Two pints, chop-chop,’ Jimmy called!"  It simply means:  "Hurry up".

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