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A train leaves the station, clickety clack,

With wheels that clatter along the track.

    Its billowing smoke discolours the sky

    And hedges tremble as it clatters by.


Over the points with a clickety clack -

A mighty monster, strong and black.

    The fireman bends to shovel the coal

    As with clickety clack the coaches roll.


It’s gathering speed now, clickety clack.

The horses run and the ducklings quack.

    The cows in the fields gawk with surprise,

     Amazed at this beast of incredible size.


Past houses, villages, fields and trees,

Its powerful body travels with ease.

    It transports its passengers, clickety clack;

    Then rumbles and grumbles all the way back.


Copyright on all my poems 


*Written especially for my grandson, Daniel, when he was 4 years of age.

This wonderful music for guitar has been given to us by Martin Torbert, New Jersey, USA.  Thank you Martin.

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