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I speak of a world that is full of pain,

Of much pollution and acid rain.

Some rivers will never flow again.


I think of a world where the motor cars

Leave on our planet such ugly scars,

And burning forests are seen from the stars.


I cry for the world where the wild rose blooms.

We're killing it now with monoxide fumes

And shrouding our cities with cloud and gloom.


Remember the air that was fresh and clear?

Pollution is killing it now I fear

And it's too late to shed just a pitiful tear.


Think of the summers - the floods and the rains.

Think of the winds that rip over the plains

And starvation that follows the loss of grain.


We live in a world where man's uncaring greed,

Though faced with reality, takes little heed.

He thinks only of now, his immediate need.


Our world can be saved by both me and you.

Everyone knows what we ought to do,

So don't leave it all to the regular few.



Copyright on all my poems





By Josie Whitehead

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