By Josie Whitehead

Eight chocolate bunny rabbits

    Sat upon a shelf

And one bunny looked around

    And then thought to himself:


“I hope someone will buy me.

    I’m as pretty as can be.”

A customer came in the shop

    And said he wanted three.


Five chocolate bunny rabbits

    Sat upon a shelf

And one bunny thought of this

    And then said to himself:


“This little girl who’s in our shop –

    Well, will she look at me?”

“Yes, I will buy just two them”

    And this left only three.


So three chocolate bunny rabbits

    Sat upon that shelf.

One chocolate bunny rabbit

    Said unto himself:


“Oh two lovely little customers -

    Someone’s little sons."–

“We'll have a bunny each," they said -

    Which left behind just one.


There was one bunny sat alone

    Upon his lonely shelf

And this poor little bunny said

     Sadly to himself:


“Is there nobody that wants me?”

    And he began to cry,

But then I said I would buy him”

   So he also said: “Goodbye”.


There’s an empty shelf in this shop.

     The bunnies all were sold.

But  . . .  you had one for Easter -

      Well, that’s what I was told.


Copyright on all my poems



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This poem, along with almost 400 others, was chosen by teachers and children and published in my book "Celebrations" (AMS Educational Publishing Ltd) in 2010.  I hope you also like it.  Josie