Our parents told us yesterday

    That we should do our part

To improve the world around us –

    But just how should we start?


We all were given thinking caps

    And a sheet of paper too.

We started with a few ideas

    But the list just grew and grew.


“Let’s grow our fruit and vegetables” –

    Came early in the list.

“Not by myself,” Dad pointed out.

    “I hope that you’ll assist.”


“We’ll use the central heating less –

    Well use it not at all.”

“Let’s make a lovely roaring fire

    With those logs out by the wall.”


“I’d like to learn to knit” said one,

    “And use our local wool.”

“We’ll dig in our own compost now.

    Our compost bin is full.”


“We’ll go to school by bus” said Sam

    “Instead of in the car.”

“I’ll make my own nice jam” said Mum.

    I’ll fill up every jar.”


“We’ll save on electricity

    If we change to low watt lights.”

“We’ll take our holidays at home,

    Not waste our fuel on flights.”


“We don’t need ready meals at all.

    We all should learn to cook.”

“We’ll watch the television less.

    Instead let’s read a book.”


“Instead of riding round in cars,

    Let’s use our feet and walk.

We’ll not get all that road rage

    If we walk along and talk.”


“We won’t need fees for slimming clubs

    Or either for the gym,

For by walking more and gardening,

    We’ll all get nicely slim.”


One family member sat and smiled.

    She’d listened with intent,

For Granny, more than anyone

    Knew exactly what they meant.


“It’s very strange” our Granny said,

    “For I’ve lived like this before.”

“We hadn’t thought that we were ‘green’ -

    They told us it was war.”



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This poem was one of almost 400 chosen by teachers across West Yorkshire for publication in 2010.  I hope you find it a good poem for discussion in your class too.  Josie



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