A poem can come drifting to the mind

From the cloud’s shadows on a lake;

Through the warmth of a summer’s day,

Or from snowflakes drifting on the wind.


Look at the natural world around you

And allow a poem to penetrate your mind.

A poem can be funny, sad, rhyming or not

And range from nursery rhymes to psalms.


A poem can wrap itself round your heart

And never let go until you write it down,

Like soft duck down, keeping you warm

Through all the icy, cold days of winter.


Poems cling to you, playing on your mind,

Touching your heart, lifting your spirits.

Or they can make you laugh and laugh

As you remember the words again.


A poem must always be fresh and original

With melodic sounds that delight

And with daydreams which melt into sheer fantasy -

Or they can rip your heart with emotion.


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By Josie Whitehead

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