Are You Good at Rhyming?

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If you want to be a good poet who writes poems with rhyming words, then you need to be good at rhyming.  Try this quiz:


Underline the word in each line that doesn’t rhyme, if there is one


through; glue; too; brew; cough; view; threw;

not  squat  knot note yacht  shot

ski knee me  sky  flea  key,

clear pear appear  spear  peer beer sincere

maid made prayed sighed weighed afraid

hair  hare where here  stare heir wear

gun  won  one bone done shun ton

shriek  meak  streak  steak unique clique

stain  reign  drain line lane vein champagne

to  two  glue  new  do dough shoe

there hair dare prayer fear stare where

could wood  food  would stood

quake take beak break ache  

our power sore flour sour

rite write might recite elite bright

leather whether cheater together

niece geese peace fleece freeze police

brought taught wrought trout distraught

vowed aloud mowed proud

liar  fire  higher buyer flower  flyer  require

your cure more store scare secure


Complete the following lines to this poem:


Caterpillars by Brod Bagert


They came like dewdrops overnight

Eating every plant in --------,

Those nasty worms with legs that -------

So creepy up the garden wall,

Green prickly fuzz to hurt and ---------

Each unsuspecting living thing.

How I hate them!   Oh, you know

I’d love to squish them with my --------.

But then I see past their disguise,

Someday they’ll all be ------------.


and this one:


Forty Little Polliwogs by Anonymous


Forty little polliwogs

Swimming in a ditch,

Each so near alike,

They don't know ----- is -------.


Round and shiny bodies,

Wiggly, waggly tails,

Just like little fishes

All except their ----------!




A Teacher’s Lament by Kalli Dakos


Don’t tell me the cat ate your math sheet,

And your spelling words went down the drain,

And you couldn’t decipher your homework,

Because it was soaked in the ------------.


Don’t tell me you slaved for hours

On the project that’s due -----------

And you would have had it finished

If your snake hadn’t run away.


Don’t tell me you lost your eraser,

And your worksheets and pencils, too,

And your papers are stuck together

With a great big glob of ----------.


I’m tired of all your excuses;

They are really a terrible bore.

Besides, I forgot my own work,

At home in my study --------------


Yes. isn't it surprising how many words in the English language sound alike but the spelling is quite different.  How difficult it is, but playing rhyming games is a good way to learn isn't it?


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