Background Heading


By Josie Whitehead

Metre, Rhyme and Literacy

I’m little but I’m growing up

   A little more each day -

And what helps me to grow up big?

   It’s all the games I play.


It's all the good things which I eat,

    It's sleeping well at night

And you might think I've far to go

    But growing up's all right.


I'm observing all the things you do

   And hearing what you say.

Yes, I'm little but I'm growing up

    A little more each day.


I've lots of growing up to do

   But that's all right with me

For I'm achieving such a lot

   As you can surely see.


I'm making lots of little friends

    At play-school every day

And, once the toys come on the scene,

    We're busy at our play.


My friends are growing up as well

    And when all's said and done:

Growing up at my young age

    Is lots and lots of fun.


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