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By Josie Whitehead

Our Language

I like the taste of sweet chocolate that melts on the tongue

And the signs in our world that say spring has now sprung.

    I like birds in the treetops who whistle and sing

    And cool air on my face when I swing on my swing.


I like cosy warm fires when, in winter, it’s cold

And I like lots of people - the young and the old.

    I like children for they always cause me to laugh –

    And all kinds of animals from mice to giraffes.


I like birthdays and Christmas and days which are fun;

Days at the seaside in the sea and the sun.

    I like writing my poems especially for you

    And hope that you all enjoy reading them too.


I like days with my children and much more it’s true.

I like so many things, and I’m sure you do too.

    So what things do you like which perhaps I have missed?

    Get your pencil and paper and make out a list.  



Copyright on all my poems



Write down five things which you like - and then try to write this in an anapaestic line of poetry, following my style.  Josie

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