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I’m using my eyes to see all around

   And I’m so glad that I’ve got my sight.

Look at our world, at the colours we see -

    So pleasant and so very bright.


I’m using my ears to hear many things

   From the song of a bird to a sneeze -

And listen - I hear the sound of a plane

   And the soft gentle buzzing of bees.


I’m using my feet to walk down the road,

   And to run with my friends and to play -

But these little feet get to feel very tired,

     When I have been playing all day.


I'm using my fingers to touch and to feel

    And the nerves tell my brain such a lot:

I easily recognize things which are cold,

     And are wary of those which are hot.


I'm using my tongue to recognize tastes

    And distinguish the sour from the sweet.

I know what is yummy and that which is not

     And can then choose the best things to eat.


I’m using my hands to clap to a beat

   And to do many other things too -

For without any hands my life would be strange

   And I can’t think whatever I’d do.


I’m using my mouth to say many things

   And I’m sure that you all like to speak,

And a world without speaking? Oh goodness me no -

     For you children, that world would be bleak!!


I'm happy I'm human and can do many things,

    And I know that you children are too.

With the human attributes that each of us has,

    There are so many things we can do.


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FOLLOW UP:  What things can human beings do that animals and birds can't do?  What things can animals or birds do that we can't do? List some of the special things which they can do but what you might like to be able to do.  Have I missed out a human attribute which you think is important?  Oh, you'd better email me this.  


Oh, if you want to compare what many minibeasts can do, but what you cannot do, please listen to and read this poem:  Minibeast Miracles - Josie

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