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I’m Wind!  I rattle chimney tops;

    I’m Wind!  I stir the sea;

I rage and shout with all my strength

   And let you know it’s me.


I blow your dustbins down the street;

    I whistle through the trees

And I’m a strong and powerful force

    And not a gentle breeze.


I love to play within your streets

    As you combat my force -

And, oh, the biggest joke of all

    Is granny’s hat, of course.


It flies right up, high in the sky,

    With granny left below -

And now it’s gone right out of sight

    As with my breath I blow.


I’m Wind!  I’ll let YOU know I’M here -

   But perhaps I AM a pest -

So after all the fun I’ve had

     It’s time to take some rest.




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