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Could I have called my poem "The Listeners" do you think?  I think so.  Many things heard the question "Is There Anybody There"?  Now you write a similar poem.  

“Is anybody there?” called the winter wind

     As he whistled down the chimney pot.

But a snore was all that he thought he heard

     From a dog by the name of Spot.


“Is anybody there?” called down the sun,

     As his warm rays touched the flowers.

“Yes”, said a spider “I’ve been making my web –

     And it’s taken me hours and hours.”


“Is anybody there?” called the gentle rain

     Pattering on the garden pond.

“I’m here” said the frog, “enjoying your drops” –

     And hopped to the garden beyond.


“Is anybody there?” called the snow that fell.

     But answer came none at all,

For everyone knows that the world goes quiet

    When the snow begins to fall.


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Younger Children



By Josie Whitehead

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