By Spike Milligan

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In the Land Of The Bumbly Boo

The people are red white and blue

They never blow noses

Or ever wear clotheses

What a sensible thing to do.


In the Land of The Bumbly Boo

You can buy lemon pie at the zoo

They give away foxes

In little pink boxes

And bottles of dandelion stew.


In the Land of The Bumbly Boo

You never see a Gnu,

But thousands of Cats

Wearing trousers and hats

Made of pumpkin and pelican glue.


Oh the Bumbly Boo! The Bumbly Boo!

That's the place for me and you

So hurry let's run;

The train leaves at one

For the Land of the Bumbly Boo


The wonderful Bumbly Boo Boo Boo

The wonderful Wumbly Boo!

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PS:   To the teacher who, thinking this was my poem,  said:  "The last verse isn't necessary":   I'm sorry but I didn't write this wonderful poem and although I often change my poems later, I'm afraid it's too late for Spike to do this now.  However, your mistake gave him another laugh!