The  letter box soaks up our news,

And, deep inside, it gently chews

   The mail that carries news that’s sad,

   And that conveying news that’s bad.


There’s a letter here from Aunty Pat

Who says she’s just deloused her cat,

    Whilst Uncle Mark is sick in bed

    With something that we all should dread.


Now here’s some news I think you’ll like:

It’s something good from Cousin Mike:

    He’s passed exams which means that he

    Can enter university.


A birthday card, and it’s for you -

Sent by your very kind friend Sue.

    The letter box reads words above:

    'To Jane from Sue, with all my love.'


A parcel’s now popped in the box

Containing lovely woollen socks.

    That granny’s just a little gem:

    She sat for hours and knitted them.


The love letters, the cards, the bills;

The kindly message of goodwill;

    The mail that causes others grief;

    The lengthy ones and those quite brief.


The letter box now falls asleep,

Whilst inside mail lies in a heap.

     The postman comes at close of day

     And transports all these words away.



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By Josie Whitehead

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