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See the children of Crossover School Ghana performing:  Mr Worm  and The Most Precious Gift  .  If your school would like to perform a poem, contact me please.  I'd be delighted.  Also just a voice recording.

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Benjamin Bear Bubbles Diddledy Daddledy Five Hungry Ducklings Freedom Hickory Dickory Dock I Like Lots of Baby Ducklings It's a Quacking Shame It's Long After Midnight A Ladybird Likes and Dislikes Little Green Caterpillar Little Butterfly Mrs Moo Off to Nursery School Rat a Tat-Tat Tortoise and the Hare Balloons At the Zoo I'll Walk Along This Beach Again Joy of Snowboarding By Firelight Riding the Rough Rollers Far From Our Coral Home Eye Speak Let's Celebrate Diversity Daredevil Dexterity Day of the Exam Flower of the Eternal Sleep Family of Man Awakening



The children at my local primary school who encouraged me to write these poems for them weekly over some years, also asked me to make this website for them as they wanted to come to their favourite poems again - but they especially asked me to make a listening page for them as they enjoyed listening to my poems weekly.  There is so much benefit for children in just relaxing for five minutes in a day and shutting off from reading and writing and to just simply relax and listen to a poem being read.  I do hope you'll tell your children that by simply Googling JOSIE'S POEMS they too can come here on their computers at home - and quite safely of course.  Josie

Josie 2017 Hello Sammy Spider Go Slow Two Little Lambs BBC Rado Leeds- Flower of the Eternal Sleep I Have a Dream Rabbits The Big Red Bus The Little Butterfly A Little Green Caterpillar Clickety Clack Rain - Simile Poem Mrs Owl On the London Bus Change Cockcrow at Dawn Homelessness
When I'm Hungry

See also poems for primary school children.  Most of them are very suitable for this age group.

Dawn Chorus Let There Be Light Ballad of Swift Nick Two Worlds Story of Tiny Owl Pay Attention Betrayal Very Strange Tale of Ginger the Cat Let Magic Happen Make That Change Advancing the Oval Ball Molly the Meerkat A Cat is a Cat for All That A Sense of Pride Two Little Lambs Is Anyone There? Riddeling Siddeling Four Seasons of Fun Three Little Pigs Hands Secondary School Index Younger Children The Wind Man A Summer Shower The Angel Lady Animals are Amazing Quackers, The Nuisance Duck Words That Dance With Head in the Clouds Without The Insomniac Poet


Global Warming Global Warming Isn't Cool Sounds of Life Jack and Jill Mr Storm's Rage My Friends Summer Those Yorkshire Woollen Mills What Can One Say of Huddersfield? In the Beginning Passport Photo Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater A Merman Grieves Ships of Fluffy Down Sing a Song of Sausages Stars Stop and Think - The Three Little Mice Those Yorkshire Woollen Mills What Can One Say of Huddersfield? Welcome to York How Do Children Taste? Wind Cannot Reach . . . . Truth What an Adventure What an Adventure What Do You Do When the Sun Won't Shine? Easy Peasy - What Life is This? You're Somebody Special Who Comes Out at Night? Story of Rombald's Giant Scarborough - Queen of the Coast King of the Roost Had a Nice Weekend? Baa Baa Kanga Sheep Body Image Brightly - Adverb Poem Hop Little Grasshopper Land of No Ideas Change Starts With Me Date With Death Sundown A Merman Grieves Puffins Night and Day Nocturnal Prince A Noisy Day Not Done Your Homework


Ode to the Bluebells The Prettiest Insect Moon Fairies The Legend of Gelert Motivation Matters Motivation Matters The Sovereign Sea Where Freedom Reigns The Travellers Travellers To Those Who Want to Write in Rhyme To Those Who Want to Write in Rhyme Tripping the Light Fantastic - Link to poem Dinosaur Dinner Ant and the Grasshopper Birthday Parties Should . .. Bride Named Spring Clever Crow and the Pitcher Fox and the Goat Matilda Mouse and the King of Beasts Mr Minute On the Clothes Line Pick 'n Mix Pink Shoes for Miss Bell Pretentious Parrot Princess and the Pea A Rose Called Pride The Sun and the Wind The Sun and The Wind Tortoise and the Eagle Three Little Pigs Riggaldy Raggaldy Scarecrow Truth About Unicorns Welcome to York Woggaldy Woo and Friends The Woggaldy-Woo Ring a Ring of Roses Legend of Gelert The Garden of Eden The Brontes of Haworth The Brontes of Haworth The Brontes of Haworth The Bride Named Spring A Bundle of Limericks By Tube By Tube Are You a Master of Pasta? - Link to poem