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A charming young woman from France

Said: “Do you think there’s a possible chance -

    If I go on a cruise

    With my new dancing shoes,

I could possibly learn how to dance?"


There was a young woman from Crewe

Who cried: “Help me!  Oh what can I do?”

     She looked so perplexed –

     For what can you do next

When you’ve stepped in some messy dog poo?


A woman who came from Hong Kong

By the name of Miss Madeleine Wong,

     Said: "I think that fried rice

     Should smell rather nice -

But mine has a terrible pong!"


A teacher, who comes from Dundee,

Said: “I think you will surely agree:

    You’ll sell pizzas better

    Or deliver a letter

If you work hard and get a degree.”


A mystified gardener from Leeds

Said: “I recently planted some seeds.

    They went in the ground

    Oh, but what have I found?

Every one of them came up as weeds."


A tall young mechanic from France

Said:  “I think I am in with a chance

     For a girl with some style

     Has thrown me a smile –

And I’ll ask for the very next dance.”


A Thingmejig’s big and it’s round –

And you can buy two for a pound.

      "Then what would you do?"

       Oh I hoped that you knew -

For they're little use - that's what I've found.


Limericks are tricky to write

So come to my poetry website:

      I think you’ll agree

      Leave the writing to me

And you’ll not find yourself in a plight.



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