Written especially for my two lovely grandchildren - Jessica and Daniel

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My Granddad is an awful tease.

He rubs cream on his knobbly knees;

     Says ice cream’s good for double chins

     And chips do wonders for your grin.


He buys us chocolates, pushes swings;

Kicks the football; sometimes sings.

    He makes rude faces – noises too

    And tells us stories that aren’t true.


He mends things when they're broken . . . and,

I think that you will understand,

     To me he is my light and joy –

      A best friend to this little boy.



Copyright on all my poems


My little grandson, staying overnight with me, asked:  "Granny what are you putting on your face?"  My answer:  'Face cream.  It is meant to keep me young and beautiful.'  Then a short pause followed by:  'But it hasn't worked, has it Granny?' Children, we hope, will remember us, but it is nice to have some memories of them.  In my own case, unfortunately, this was the last visit my grandson made to visit us in our home so my memory is like gold.


Chosen by teachers and children for publication in 2010 - but sadly out of print until I find a new publisher.   Josie



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