This is a VERY wide ranging subject because there is not one second of our lives but what 'change' is occurring somewhere in the world.  This is why watching or listening to the news is so important to us all.  This subject could, in fact, be something that would make a little discussion each day of the year.  However, here are some of my poems on this subject and I will add more, as I write them.  If you particularly like one of my poems  about change, why not recommend it to others, with the website details, to: with the heading ‘my favourite change poem’.  Now I shall list some of my 'change' poems and write some more new ones for you.  You knew I would do this, didn't you?  

Change Starts with ME


All It Needs


I Have a Dream - (Based on a speech made by Martin Luther King who had a dream of a better and changed world.)  (Secondary schools)


The Laidly Wyrm of Spindleston Heugh - (The legend of a princess who was changed into a dragon)


Dragon Woman (How life in a village can suddenly change with a new arrival)


Cinderella (You know how she changed from a kitchen maid to a princess - - - don't youm but have you read it in rhyming verse?)


Legend of the Moon Festival - (A Chinese legend which tells how a woman's world completely changed because of her foolishness.)


The Moon Fairies - (Would their ideas about our world change if they came to our earth?)


A Merman Grieves - (When a merman comes to our beach one night, his heart breaks because of what he sees.  How the world has changed - - for the worse, unfortunately!)


Aunt Agatha's Angry - (Agatha's mood changed completely when her boyfriend arrived with flowers.)


The Ice Queen: (She'd dearly love to change her life of luxury and just live in a small cottage with friends around her).


The Laugh-A-Lot Tree: (How to change your mood:  Buy a Laugh-A-Lot tree for your garden.)


This Mother and That Mother

In a Land Far Away, Pastures Green

and Those Distant Hills

(The above four poems speak of contrast and change in the human world.)




Red Riding Who?

The Story of Green Riding Hood

The Real Story of  Goldilocks


and alternative nursery rhymes:

Baa Baa Kanga Sheep

Hickory Dickory Dock

Jack and Jill

Little Boy Pink

Little Mac Muffet

Old King Kan

Young Mr Hubbard

Young Mrs Hubbard

Three Chocolate Mice

See-saw - Oh What a Bore!

   And lots more of these on above page


Come Zoom on My Broom: (Accept a lift on a witch's broomstick?  It could CHANGE your life!)


Dad's Ergonomic Chair: (Dad's life changed forever when he bought a magic chair.)


Daddy's Magic Umbrella - (This is the story of another man whose life changed when his magic umbrella became bored with its life.)


Dreaming of Monsters - (Oh, your life will be very changed if you start dreaming of monsters.)


Mickledy Me Helps Santa Claus - (He changed all the names of the presents on Santa's Sleigh.  But you should meet this particular children's favourite character first: Mickledy Me   He's quite a character and your children will love to hear of the many naughty things which he has done.)


The Witches on Mars - (What a big change of lifestyle for wicked witches who've been punished by being sent to live on Mars!)


Freedom: (This poem, written for younger children for National Poetry Day last year has proved to be very popular indeed.  It speaks of the change for good that a small pet mouse expects  to find in the outside world, but freedom turns out to be a horror story and he's glad to return home).


The Best Donkey of Them All: (A little donkey's life changes when he agrees to do a hard job at the request of an angel.)


No Room for You Here: (The inkeeper, with compassion in his heart, changed his mind about accommodation when he looked hard at Mary and Joseph in this well-known Christmas story.)


The Ant and the Grasshopper: (The grasshopper had to change his way of living after discovering that you can't live on nothing in the winter months. )


The Very Tasty Vegetable: (Kindness can be quickly changed to hate when a good deed is not appreciated.)


Helping Poor Choo Choo: (This poor old train's hard journey is changed completely by the help of a friend.)




By Josie Whitehead

And Then Out Came the Sun - - and changed the world for a cow.


Plastic Surgery, Hippo Style (How on earth can a hippo change into as stork?  With the help of plastic surgery of course - boom boom!)


Be Careful What You Wish For - - (because a witch could easily change you into . . . )


The Best Punishment for Boys  - (Witches can change you at the wave of a wand.  Don't be rude to witches!)


When the Wind Changes  - (If you see a boy with his hands on his ears and his tongue sticking out, you'll know who it is!  Marcus.)


The Passport Photo -  (Yes, witches can change YOU)


The Power of Magic - (And witches can be changed into really nice people - by magic!)


Percival Preedy - Poor boy!  When he ate a pen with invisible ink - well, what happened to change his world?


The Great Ragando (Who changed himself into ???? What?)


A Little Green Caterpillar (Who changed into . . . . . come on!)  Your children will LOVE this poem and can sing it too as we now have music.


HELP! (Oh dear - I think this man has changed into a dog - or not?)


Suki's Trunk - (The story of how a young elephant's life changed when she was attacked by a crocodile).


Cecilia Ssssnake - (The children changed their opinion of Cecilia Ssssnake when she . . .)


Oh How We Laughed - (Mr Lightfoot's maths lesson suddenly changed when their was a visitor to his class).


Tragedy at Minibeastie Hall - (The story of how a happy day changed into a major tragedy at Minibeastie Hall)


The Bear That Nobody Wanted -  (How a little bear changed what could have been a miserable Christmas into a wonderful fun day for the toys in the toy shop).


The Amazing Gold Tree - (How your plans can be changed altogether when the wind blows - and: 


Watching the Money Tree Grow - (Don't make plans!)


The Magic Coat - (How can magic change a tatty black crow into a beautiful white swan?))


Far From Our Coral Home - (This poem tells the dreadful but true change that has come about to our beautiful coral reefs because of human activity.)


Goodnight Children - (tells of the change in our world that happens whilst we are sleeping.  Who sleeps and who wakes at night?)


The Route to School - (This girl's life changed to one of grandeur when she went to school in a fairy coach.)


In Fairyland - (Allow me to change your view of Fairyland, perhaps after you have visited The Fairies of Janet's Foss)


My Three Little Aliens - (What a big change to my life when I found three little aliens - and a change for the children in our primary school when I took them in as my 'Show and Tell' for the week.  This is a lovely story-poem.)


My Alien Neighbours - (Another big change in our lives also when some smelly alien neighbours moved into next door.)


In a Snowman's World - (Oh, how very changed your life would be if you lived in a snowman's world!!)


The Great Ragando - (How a great magician's affluent life  was changed forever by his sheer greed.)


Gran's Cuckoo Clock - (What sort of change could you expect if you changed the cuckoo for  . . .  a cow, perhaps?)


The Christmas Tree's Story:  (What big change was to come about to this little tree when children found him?)


Santa's Shut Up Shop - Times have changed and you will not get presents delivered on a sleigh any longer.  Oh dear, but how will they arrive - or won't they?


The Ugly Duckling:  (How the life of an unhappy duck changes completely when he meets wild swans.  Based on well-known story by Hans Andersen).


The Elves and the Shoemaker: (Grimm's Fairy Tale:  How the life of a poor shoemaker changed forever when some elves helped him).


Just Learning to Fly:  (Spells CAN be broken and destinations changed - - - but only if you are a very modern witch!)


I'll Be an Angel Instead:  (Given the part of Mary to play in the Christmas play, a girl changes her mind completely when she realizes what a hard job mothering really is.)


On the Street: How very changed your life would be if, through changed circumstances, you spent Christmas on the street.



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NEW FOR NATIONAL POETRY DAY 2018:  Make That Change (Secondary Schools) and a fun poem for children to join in with:  All Change (for primary/preschool children) and new today:  CHANGE - A simile Poem  Also: Try: The Laidly Wyrm of Spindleston Heugh - a story about how a wicked stepmother changed a princess into a dragon (wyrm).

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