Wash your face, dress yourself,

     Eat your breakfast fast;

Grab your bag, wave to Mum –

     You’re off to school at last.


Say hello to all your friends,

     But don’t forget the day:

Today’s a very special day,

     It’s National Verbies’ Day.


Fetch your paper and your pen

     And write your name in ink.

Put your thinking cap on straight,

     It’s time to have a think.


Listen to your teacher for

     It’s her turn now to speak.

The school bell rings, it’s playtime

     So let’s play at hide and seek.


It’s PE now.  Oh, verbs like that –

     You’ll run and jump and climb.

But all too soon the bell will ring

     For now it’s dinnertime.


Verbs get hungry too you know -

   Their energy runs low -

But as you live your life with them,

   I’m sure you really know.


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I didn't actually know that there really was a National Verb Day, but there is.   There must be a day for everything under the sun, and including the sun, ie SUNDAY of course.  Why not have a special "verb day" in your class.  Can you think of new verbs - or give your class ten minutes to write down as many verbs as they can which relate to what they have done since they got up this morning.  I see the children of America this year invented the word "straddle" but you will need to read the article to decide what it means.  How many verbs are there in the above poem?  Your teacher could give you ten minutes to write them all down and see who finds the most, not repeating them, of course.  Make a picture for National Verbies Day and if you can email the best one in the class, I will put it with this poem.  So you have lots of ideas for National Verbies Day - but which day shall we make it for later in the year?

By Josie Whitehead




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