Shhh - What Can You Hear? Younger Children The Sounds of Life Prick Up Your Ears A World Full of Noise Listening Page Noisy Day (A)

The dogs all barked, the cats then mewed

    And the lions loudly roared.

Whilst the pigs grunted, the sheep said ‘Baa’

    But the koala simply snored.


The sparrows chirped, the blackbird sang,

    And tell me who said: ‘moo’?

Then noisy ducks all cried: ‘Quack, quack’

    And the cuckoo called: ‘Cuckoo’.


The children shouted, ran and played –

    And the monkeys climbed and screamed - - -

But, during hours of daylight noise,

     The small mice simply dreamed.  Shhhh



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