Isn't it fun on the London bus,

     Especially upstairs on the top?

You see many things that you normally can't

     And can peep in the top of the shops.


Isn't it fun on the London bus?

     Just look at the sights all around.

So many things look quite great from above

     But look ordinary down on the ground.


Isn't it fun on the London bus

     When the people below don't see you?

From the top of the bus you see many sights

     And yet down on the ground you see few.


Isn't it fun on the London bus?

     Look!  Here on the right is Big Ben.

You look in his face as he's starting to chime

     And you hear him clearly strike ten.


Isn't it fun on the London bus? -

     The museum is coming in sight,

And it's here we get off before it's too late

     But we'll be back on the bus before night!


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* This is one of almost 400 of my poems that were chosen by teachers and children across West Yorkshire in 2010 for publication.  Unfortunately they are out of print now.  The publisher has retired and sold his business.



By Josie Whitehead

Younger Children The Big Red Bus On the Worth Valley Line Heading Big Ben Try: BY TUBE

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