Prose is the passing of words between one person and another in writing. It can be done in a special way, bringing in many forms of speech to make it interesting, or can be merely factual. Poetry has special ingredients which children will recognize from a very early age. My grandchildren did. If your children want to learn to write simple poems in their class, they need to know what these special ingredients are. Do you or they know the names for the metres in the following poems, or many other poetic devices that poets use? If you're not sure, or would like poems in your class/home which will show you these devices clearly, become a member of my website. Test yourself and your children first though. You may know much more than you think:

Bright coloured packages tied up with ribbons; Monkeys and lemurs and sweet baby gibbons;   Presents and birthday cake, gooey and creamy;   Pretty pink dresses that make me feel dreamy! -----------------------------------------------------------------------

The cuckoo is a dove-sized bird Who differs from the rest. The mother cuckoo lays her eggs In someone else’s nest. -----------------------------------------------

Candle flutters - mother mutters; Rain then patters - raindrops scatter; Thunder rumbles - raindrops tumble; Chimney’s shaking - baby’s waking. ----------------------------------------------------

There once was a man called Bill Sears Whose wax was removed from his ears. There was only one snag - His wife’s a real nag And her voice, to him, now is quite clear. -------------------------------------------------------

Percy Peckle pickled a pear etc An agressive alligator ate Anthony Able etc -----------------------------------------------------------

As bright as the sun, as hard as some nails As alike as two peas in a pod. As high as a kite, as blind as a bat But as tasty as chips with my cod. ---------------------------------------------------------

Brightly the moon beams her light from the sky With her brightly lit servants, the stars standing by. Brightly she shimmers on houses and trees And she searches out mice for the owl to seize. --------------------------------------------------------------------------

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