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Paint us a poem with words that delight;

Paint us a poem with colours so bright;

    Paint us a poem with rhythm and rhyme!

    Add words that amuse us – if you have the time.


Paint in some stories, for children love these.

Add witches and dragons and funny things please.

    Paint pictures with words that will bring us some fun

    For you're writing for children when all's said and done.


Please don’t write poems with words that confuse;

But paint us a poem with words that amuse;

    It’s your poetry picture we hope we’ll enjoy

    So thanks in advance from us – each girl and boy.



Copyright on all my poems


This is a wonderful performance poem with many different lines that can be read out by different children around your classroom - as if they're all adding something  that they'd especially like in their poem.  Put lots of expression into your voices!!!!

C H I L D R E N ' S    P O E T R Y

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