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Penelope Pigglewiggle picked a ripe pear

   As it sat on a tree in the sun.

She looked at its colour, its shape and its size,

   And took a quick mouthful for fun.


'Ouch!' came a voice from Penelope’s pear.

   'Your teeth have cut into my skin!'

So how could she eat a pear that could speak?

    Oh that would be more than a sin!


Penelope Pigglewiggle soon dropped the pear:

   Well I think you or I would, for sure.

She went in the house to get far away

   Without eating one mouthful more.


Much later she looked in her garden again

   To see if the pear was still there,

But, a party of pigeons were eating it up!

   Oh, for certain, those birds didn’t care.


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For Children


By Josie Whitehead

Penelope Pigglewiggle's Pear - Heading Peas Please