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Cornflakes for my breakfast

    And pizza for my tea -

But in between, the school dinner.

    Oh whatever will it be?


On Monday we have salad

    With great big slugs inside.

Most children simply disappear

    And run away to hide.


On Tuesday we have sausages;

    They’re made from minced up snails -

But to add some crunch and texture,

    They add some rusty nails.


On Wednesday - oh, on Wednesday

    We eat wriggly, squiggly worms -

But they’re most hygienically prepared

    So you there are not many germs.


When Thursday comes - oh wait for this -

    The menu’s really great:

The leftovers from all the week

    Are served up on our plates.


Now Friday’s here - a special treat -

    A tasty seaweed stew

And the  teachers say:  “Come on, eat up,

    School meals are good for you.”



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So, what is your favourite school meal?  

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