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March 26, 1874 –

January 29, 1963

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A Concrete or Shaped Poem

By Robert Frost

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See how he dives


   From the rocks with a zoom!


     See how he darts


         Through his watery room


              Past crabs and eels


                  And green seeweed,


                      Past fluffs of sandy


                 Minnow feed!


               See how he swims


         With a swerve and a twist,


             A flip of the flipper,


                A flick of the wrist!




                           Softer than spray,


                  Down he plunges


              And sweeps away;


        Before you can utter


            Words like "Dill pickle"


               Or "Apple butter,"


                    Back up he swims


                      Past Sting Ray and Shark,


                        Out with a zoom,


                           A whoop, a bark;


                              Before you can say


                   Whatever you wish,


              He plops at your side


       With a mouthful of fish!