I met an old man who was searching around.

He looked on his shelves, then on the ground.

     He peeped under stones and then in his bin;

     Ran into the garden but then came back in.


He sat on his chair but he couldn’t keep still,

So he examined the cooker and stared at the grill.

     He went in his bathroom and studied his bath;

     Then walked into the garden and stared at the path.


His little dog watched him and he wondered too:

“Just what is he seeking?  I wish that I knew.”

     So the small dog joined him and he hunted around

     And his wet nose was sniffing all over the ground.


His cat saw them both and joined too in the hunt.

Then a pig came along and he started to grunt.

     A duck soon arrived, then a mouse and a mole

     And a big wriggly worm crawled out from his hole.


Then the old man soon smiled when he saw a small hen

And immediately ran for his paper and pen.

     He was hunting for verbs!  What a very strange man!

     And this was the reason his searching began.


Copyright on all my poems


* This poem was chosen by teachers and children and one of almost 400 published in 2010 by AMS Educational Publisher Ltd.



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By Josie Whitehead

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