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I must go down to the shops again,

    To the bedlam and ballyhoo,

And all I ask is a cool clear head

    And the hope that there is no queue -


A desire that things will not have moved

    From places that I know –

Not blown away by the winds of change

    That through supermarkets blow.


I must go down to the shops again,

    For my store-cupboard’s running low,

For a ravenous family returning from work

    Is a regular thing to know.


And all that I ask is the time in which

    To buy the food I need  -

Ingredients with which to prepare the meals

    On which hungry people feed.


I must go down to the shops again –

    Mine’s a busy housewife’s life –

To the hustle and bustle, the flurry and worry

     Of an everyday working wife.


And all that I ask is a word of thanks -

   Yes, that’s enough for me,

And an occasional naughty-but-nice cream cake

     Washed down with a cup of tea.


Copyright on all my poems



This poem was published in 2010 -

one of 400 chosen by teachers and children.






By Josie Whitehead

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