First two verses in Pitman's Shorthand written by myself.  I taught this subject for many years and have a lot of respect for it.


A "shadow poem" of the rhythm of Sea Fever by John Masefield.

I should go back to my shorthand books,

     And the familiar things that I know:

To hooks on strokes that distinguish the words  

      And separate brow from blow;


The strokes that are light, those that are dark

     And the ones that are half the length,

And the writing of 's' on the opposite side

     To show that there’s 'r' in strength.


I should go back to my shorthand books –

     To positions of outlines on lines;

To contractions, grammalogues, phrases I learnt,

     And other familiar signs.


I'd love to go back to the student world,

      And, once more, to the teaching of skills -

But sadly that life is a part of my past,

     Far away from these Yorkshire hills.



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Shorthand Fever

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By Josie Whitehead