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Six silly similes as free as a bird

Sat in a little line not uttering a word.


Five silly similes as straight as a die

Looked at each other and started to sigh.


Four silly similes as light as a feather

Sitting in the hot sun and basking all together.


Three silly similes, much slower than a snail,

Started looking worried and turned rather pale.


Two very silly similes, as pure as driven snow,

Said:  Only two more verses and can we both then go?


One lonely silly simile that was as slippery as an eel,

Was eaten by a great big bird that was searching for a meal.


There are no more silly similes - so wherever did they go?

Perhaps if you should find them, would you write to let me know?



Copyright on all my poems



This poem was chosen by teachers and children in many schools across West Yorkshire as one of almost 400 poems which were published in 2010.


No Time