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There are three miniature dolls

    In a model doll’s house

With pocket-sized furniture

    And a diminutive mouse;


Two dwarf-sized beds,

    Tiny cupboards and chairs;

Lots of small rooms and

    Some midget-sized stairs.


There’s a bright kitchenette

    With cupboards and sink.

A dolls’ tea-set on table,

    And curtains of pink;


A shiny wee kettle

    And saucepans as well.

It’s the teeniest house

    For three dollies to dwell.


Copyright on all my poems

My problem is that I use "little" too much when I speak.  Do you also?  So I thought I'd write a poem for you to show you how many different ways we can express "little" without actually saying it.  Will you remember them all afterwards - and if you know of some others, write and tell me.  Josie



By Josie Whitehead

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