Walter de la Mare (1873-1956) was the prolific author of many volumes of poetry, short stories and novels, including one of the most enduringly popular poems in the English language, 'The Listeners'. Born in Charlton, Kent, he was educated at St. Paul's Cathedral Choir School in London.


Oh, he was one of several poets who inspired me when I was a child, and I do wish I had been encouraged to write then.  So don't leave it until late in life as I have, children.  Come on, be inspired and try writing yourself, but first of all read plenty of good poetry.  That's where your own inspiration, and mine, comes from.

Walter de la Mare

(25 April 1873 – 22 June 1956)

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 Some one came knocking

    At my wee, small door;

 Some one came knocking;

    I'm sure-sure-sure;

 I listened, I opened,

     I looked to left and right,

 But nought there was a stirring

     In the still dark night;

 Only the busy beetle

     Tap-tapping in the wall,

 Only from the forest

     The screech-owl's call,

 Only the cricket whistling

     While the dewdrops fall,

 So I know not who came knocking,

     At all, at all, at all.

Walter de la Mare Walter de la Mare

By Walter de la Mare


By Walter de la Mare

Learn to write poetry by SHADOWING the work of a good poet.  Shadowing does not mean copying their work!