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I dreamt about an Easter egg;

    In fact, a special one.

It had a face, and hands and feet

    And, oh, it was such fun!


It danced around upon my bed;

   Then played upon the floor.

I followed as he went downstairs

   And out through my front door.


He tried to cross the busy road

   But I grabbed him by the arm

For I didn’t want my special egg

   To come to any harm.


“Take me home and open me,”

     His little voice then cried.

“And you will find a special gift

     Awaiting you inside.”


I took him home and gently laid

     The egg upon a dish.

I carefully pulled it open wide

   And there I found  . . . . .  a wish.


I’ll tell you what I wished for

     And I hope that it comes true:

That you will have, the same as me,

    A happy Easter too.


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TEACHERS:  Please get your children to write: Google JOSIE'S POEMS on the corner of their books.  I made my website at the request of children so that they could hear/read my poems at home again, after class, plus many others too hopefully.  Listening to and reading poetry is so important for children's literacy.  Poetry performance is, also, for spoken English.  If your children would like to perform a poem and film it, I'll gladly link to your website.  If they'd like to illustrate a poem, send the best one to me and we'll put it on the website for them.  I make skype visits too.


This poem was published in 2010.

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