She wears her brightest coloured gown

    And paints the roses red.

The snow and frost have long escaped.

    The winter winds have fled.


Her auburn hair shines in the sun.

    She touches summer's wheat

And birds, high in the green-leaved trees,

    Sing songs so clear and sweet.


The day-time's longer whilst she's here,

    And so much warmer too -

And summer holidays are here

    For me and also you.


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Follow Up: If you went into a park, or garden, and looked at it, how would you know it was (a) spring; (b) summer; (c) autumn or (d) winter.  Discuss this with others in your class.  You could write a poem, shadowing mine, for winter:


I'll start you off:  (autumn):  She wears a lovely golden gown . . . . . . . .


When you give an inanimate subject human qualities, we call it personification.  Josie