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This day I’ll never see again;

     The time will disappear.

The choices I must make today

    Will very soon appear.


I’ll watch the sun come in the sky:

    The hours will stretch ahead

And I must not waste this blessed day

    But treasure it instead.


I’ll choose between the good and bad –

    Please help me in my choice.

Let others whom I’ll meet today

    Hear kindness in my voice.


The face I’ll show the world today,

    Let it be kind and true

And let that which others hear me say

    Be pleasing, God, to you.


This day will never come again.

    The hours will swiftly fly

And, like an arrow through the air

    My life will soon flash by.


Dear God, be with me all the way,

    In sadness and in fun.

And when I spend time you have given,

     I’ll let your will be done.



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Sometimes things get you down and especially the cruel things which are said and done by people who should love you.  I find that whenever this happens, it pays you to sit down for a moment, shut your eyes, and count up to 10 the things in your life which make you happy.  Even if you look through your window and see the sunshine or the flowers - or go out and meet someone and smile.  Then weigh this up against the bad things and let them drift from  your mind.  I'll bet if you watch the news you'll see someone in whose shoes you would not wish to be in rather than your own.  Then say a prayer such as above and put a smile on your face.  Say something cheerful to a friend.  Go on, ring them up or tell me that my poem has helped you.  I'd love that.  Josie

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