Aboard a brightly coloured yacht

   That sails across the sea;

Beneath the pure blue azure sky -

   That’s where I’d like to be.


Amidst the bluebells in the woods,

   Beneath the tall oak tree;

Within the woodlands shaded glades,

   That’s where I’d like to be.


Amongst the many summer flowers,

   The butterflies and bees -

In peaceful bliss, on summer days,

    That’s where I’d like to be.


Within a world where people care

   And all mankind lives free;

Where love pervades the human soul -

   That’s where I’d like to be.


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What is a preposition?  


It is a word that tells you where something takes place, ie - aboard, amidst, amongst, within etc.


Here are some more examples, and perhaps you'd like to try writing some sentences using these words:  about, across, after, against, along, below, beneath, beside, etc etc

Write some of your own prepositions.  Then try writing some sentences:


Beside the gently trickling stream etc

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