(A Shadow poem of "LEISURE"

BY T S Davies)

What life is this of work and stress,

With thoughts just of one’s own success?

    When there’s no wish to stop and see

    The trees, the flowers or tiny bee:


When you don’t hear the sweet birdsong

Or can’t say sorry when you’re wrong.

    A world where greed and human gain

    Cause droughts, and famines - human pain:


A world in which some just don’t care

For those with whom this earth they share.

    Where some don’t hear sad human cries,

    But turn away with blinded eyes:


Where global warming’s just two words

Which some seem never to have heard.

    They close their ears and shut their hearts

    As hate moves in and love departs:


What life is this?  It’s sad, it’s poor –

It’s one that most could not endure.

    What life is this?  It's not for me

     And most folk will, I think, agree.


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T S Davies, in his poem "Leisure" asks the question:  "What life is this, if full of care, we have no time to stop and stare" and it is a question we should ask ourselves regularly.  I think we should also ask ourselves why we have no time to refresh ourselves in the world of nature or even to find time to give to other people who may appreciate it.  We have to remind ourselves that others may need our kind words to help them through their day. This is a "shadow-poem" of his poem "Leisure."

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By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

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The Middleton Woods, Ilkley - near to my home, in springtime.  There's more to life than work and stress, or jumping into a car whenever it's the weekend.  Take time to see the beauty of our world around you.  My photograph taken by my husband Mike.

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