Look through your window!  Who has been here?

Someone has been here, I think that’s quite clear!

    They’ve changed all the colours of leaves on the trees

    And then blown them away in a cold blustery breeze.


Look through your window!  Oh look what they’ve done!

Clouds fill the sky now and, oh!  Where’s the sun?

    Someone has shortened the long summer days

    And look!  See that bonfire that’s brightly ablaze!


There isn’t one swallow that’s left in the sky

And even the butterflies said their bye-bye.

    Someone told summer to go on her way

    And painted the blue sky a miserable grey.


But someone told me that soon Christmas will come.

Don’t stare through the window and don’t feel so glum.

    Let’s think about Christmas - it’s not far away -

    And shops are now full with their Christmas displays.



Copyright on all my poems


* This was one of almost 400 poems chosen by schools in West Yorkshire for publishing in 2010.  I hope you like it.  Josie



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