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“Will you dance a little faster?”

     Said a *belle unto her *beau.

“Your waltz has only two beats

      And your foxtrot’s rather slow.”


“But my tango’s more than stylish

     And just watch this pirouette –“

“Now, don’t do something silly dear –

     Stick with the minuet.”


“I have noticed rather lately

    That you step more on my toes,

But perhaps you cannot see too well

    To dance those do-si-dos.


You need rhythm for your dancing

   And should move to match the beat.

Perhaps dancing's rather tricky

   *For a man with two left feet.”


Copyright on all my poems



By Josie Whitehead

Paradying Poetry Will You Dance a Little Faster - Heading

A shadow-poem/parody of:

The Lobster Quadrille by Lewis Carroll

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Rather old-fashioned words really:

*  belle = a beautiful girl or woman, especially the most beautiful at a particular event:  ‘the belle of the ball’

*  beau =boyfriend, sweetheart, lover, fiancé, darling, partner, significant other, escort, young man, admirer, suitor, follower;


"Two left feet" = someone who can't dance.  Fig. to be very awkward with one's feet. (Often refers to awkwardness at dancing.)