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The north wind brings the ice and snow

     And makes us want to shiver.

It bites my fingers and my toes

    And tries to freeze the river.


The east wind has a ghostly cry

    And howls round field and city.

It blows the blossom from the trees,

    Which really is a pity.


The warm south wind comes blowing in

      Across the woods and plain.

It brings warm air to brown my skin

     And also ripen grain.


The westerlies deliver rain

     And make the fields so green.

The world looks nice and fresh again

    And attractive to be seen.


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THE WINDS THAT BLOW was one of almost 400 poems chosen by teachers and children in my home area of West Yorkshire for publication in 2010.  I hope you find it an enjoyable and factual poem too which could lead to discussion/coursework in your class.  Where do these four winds, which I've mentioned, come from and at what time of the year will we expect them?  What else can determine the winds that reach the UK and the force behind them?  There is much to  do with this science poem and perhaps having it as a centrepiece on your class wall with pictures and information around it might be a good idea.  You can see I was a teacher once - before turning to poetry.  Josie