Weather/Seasons Story Poems 1

The winter-time fairy has touched all the trees

And her cold wintry fingers soon caused them to freeze.

     Ice, her good friend, then painted with ice

     Their shivery limbs, which I’m sure wasn’t nice.


Winter moved to the pond and with wand in her hand,

She called her friend Ice, who, at her command,

    Then froze the water and laughed with delight

     As the ducks flew away in a terrible plight.


Winter pointed her finger up to the night sky

And there looking down was a snow-cloud up high:

    With a wave of her wand she summoned the snow

     And down it all came on the houses below.


They both watched the snow as it quietly fell;

As it coated the hedges and rooftops as well.

    Snow spiralled and danced through the inky black sky

     But it made a nice picture as none can deny.


The children peered out at the snow on the ground

And out they all went with a leap and a bound.

    They brought out the sledges and everyone played

     And the finest of snowmen were very soon made.


Copyright on all my poems



Another good example of personification in my poems.  Ask the children to point out where I've used it.  All subjects in my world become personified sooner or later and at the moment the black clouds have threatening faces.  Rain tonight!  Josie

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