Here’s wishing you were here  


Where aureate leaves are thrown to the wind;

Fluffy cream eiderdown-clouds timidly appear

Over the smooth charcoal-slated convent roof.


Wishing you were here, where fluttering leaves

Dance a fox-trot with the cool, teasing breeze,

Reflecting their colours in the jade green lake.


And here, where branches of trees wave gently

As if conducting their invisible orchestras,

Soft raindrops sparkle as they kiss the pool.


Here, amidst late flowering roses and lavatera,

And purple petals of fading Michaelmas daisies,  

Two well fed ducks and moorhens turn homeward.


Here’s wishing you were here


                 in my Yorkshire garden


                                in the fading light of this


                                                   autumnal day  . . .

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