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I wish that I could write a poem

    Whose words danced on the page:

A poem with rhyme and imagery

      With whom readers could engage.


I wish that I could write a poem

    That wasn’t flat and dull;

My words would lift your spirits high

    Or my quiet words would lull.


I wish that I could write a poem

    Which had the power to thrill;

Whose metric feet just marched along

    Like soldiers doing drill.


I wish that I could write a poem

    With special things inside –

Alliteration, assonance

    And other things besides.


My special poem would fill your hearts

    With words to paint a scene,

And not just giggle poems, of course.

    You’ll know just what I mean.


My special poem would show some skill -

    Distinguished well from prose -

For poetry links with song and dance

     As everybody knows.


My special poem is one you’d keep

     Inside your head for sure,

And, when you’ve children of your own,

    This poem they would adore.


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By Josie Whitehead

Heading Wake Up Those Poems

Why do I say what I've said in my last verse?  Because a dear little boy (now a teenager) always asked to perform the same poem at the Ilkley Literature Festival year after year.  (Mickledy-Me).  It was the first poem I wrote for these children and they LOVED it.  He told me that he would be reciting this poem to his children and grandchildren because he loved it so.  When I had my  books published, the children immediately asked me if my Mickledy Me poem was in them.  (Children?  All boys too!).  I hope your children come to my website for reading at home too. Josie

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